Why Visit Exotic Animal World?

There is so much to see!

We care for over 700 small animals, from fish to amphibians, from reptiles to birds, from mammals to invertebrates; no matter your interest, we have something for you to see!


Walk Amongst the Animals

A large section of our unique sanctuary is a specially designed enclosed tropical garden.

Here you can walk freely amongst tropical birds and ring-tailed lemurs, which not only gives our animals far more space to roam, but allows for special ‘no barriers’ interaction as you watch our animals go about their day.

It also means you can visit on a rainy day, without getting wet!


Memorable Encounters

On top of our tropical gardens we also have a walk in aviary, complete with birds above and guinea pigs below! You’ll also pass the reptile bay, home to our baby tortoises and beautiful snakes (safely behind glass!).

Our fresh-water aquarium doesn’t just hold fish, but other exotic creatures that many will have never seen before.

From there you can move on to the creepy crawly house, as long as you don’t mind big spiders, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and spiny Australian Stick Insects!

For those more fond of the cute and cuddly, just cross the river to say hello to the meerkats and our Spotted Eagle Owl’s, not to mention a whole crowd of other residents just waiting for a visit.


Live Animal Demonstrations

Our trained and knowledgeable keepers hold with demonstrations of some of our animals on weekends, school and public holidays.

These sessions are held at 11 am and 2 pm, and give you an even closer look at some of our residents, and the chance to learn a little more about them.


Your Visit Helps Us Help the Animals

With the exception of our owls and lemur’s, every animal you see at Exotic Animal World was previously kept as a pet. In some cases, the animals were even confiscated by the authorities before coming into our care.

These animals have a second chance at life, safe at our sanctuary. You will occasionally see animals that unfortunately bear the signs of previous mistreatment, but be assured, we take all steps to help every animal that comes through our door.

Looking after animals, especially unusual ones like ours, can be expensive.

All our income is generated from visitors like you, so know that when you visit, you are directly helping the animals in our care!


Onsite Restaurant

We have an amazing onsite restaurant;

Café Lemur!

Relax at leisure at one of the tables. You do not have to enter the facility to enjoy the great food!

Please follow this link to  go to the Café Lemur Facebook page.

Our address is Exotic Animal World, Route 44, Klapmuts, 7625

Our Rates 2023

We have not increased our Entry Fee’s since 2018


Adults: R88

Students: R79

Pensioners: R79

Children (under 18 years): R49

Children (under 3 years): free

Group (2 adults and 2 children): R225


No bookings required!