Donation Options


You can donate through our backabuddy campaign, in person at Exotic Animal World, or via EFT.

Donate via EFT

Butterfly World
Branch: Paarl Mall
Account Number: 1548004324
Branch Code: 154805

Please use “Donation” and your name as reference.

Donate animal food or pet supplies

We have a lot of mouths to feed and though most of it is cheap, our total bill can be staggering.

You can visit our Takealot wishlist to see what kind of things we need, but we are also more than happy to accept second hand donations of pet supplies such as heat lamps, tanks, unused food and even old newspapers!

Donations can be left at Exotic Animal World itself, or contact us for any queries.

Donate other items you no longer need

We have an incredible maintenance team, but even the best can’t work without tools. Multiple recent break-ins have left us with a skeleton toolbox, and the better equipped we are the better we can work, items like side cutters, screwdrivers, hammers, saws, etc. Also, we are in desperate need of a weed-eater and, as always, bags of cement and wooden poles for enclosures Donations can be left at Exotic Animal World itself, or contact us for any queries.

Share our appeal

Those far away, those who have nothing to spare right now: you can still help! Please just share our Backabuddy appeal and wishlist– you never know who might see it.