Welcome to Exotic Animal World!

Rates & Hours

We are open everyday, 9am – 5pm.

Last entry at 16:30.

No bookings required.

The only day of the year that we are closed is the 25th of December.

(We still come in to make sure that all our animal’s are happy and well fed)

2023 Day Rates

(We have not increased our fee’s since 2018)

Adults: R88

Children: Normally R49

Children under 3: Free

Students and pensioners: R79

Family (2 adults and 2 kids): R225

Please see our visit us page for directions.

Please note that we do NOT have Butterflies!

Due to changes in international trade during the coronavirus pandemic, we no longer import butterfly pupae from abroad.

Local butterflies are not suitable for tropical garden exhibitions and as such, we are no longer a Butterfly park and have moved entirely to caring for rescued and surrendered exotic ex-pets.

Our tropical gardens are full of exotic rescue birds, and during your visit, you can also see hundreds of other animals that have found a second chance here at the sanctuary.

Come and visit us!

We offer an amazing and magical experience for children and adults alike!

Guests leave inspired and uplifted, with memories to cherish forever!


On site is the wonderful Café Lemur, serving hot drinks, meals and incredible cakes! You can find out more information from them through their Facebook page.

Café Lemur is our on-site restaurant and very popular with the whole family. Well priced,
great food and friendly service.

Café Lemur has inside seating with a view of our rescue parrots, mischievous Ring-Tailed Lemurs & outside seating by an aviary hosting Canaries,  Bourke’s parakeets, Chinchillas, and a host of beautiful doves.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Please Support Our Sanctuary

For 26 years; Exotic Animal World has rescued, rehabilitated and given a home to abandoned exotic pets.

We educate thousands of learners, teaching them the magic of nature and respect for all creatures.

We are the destination for countless magical family outings.

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