Welcome to Butterfly World Animal Sanctuary


We are open from 9am to 4.30pm, every day of the week, in rain and sunshine!

Special Day Visitor Rates:

Adults:   R88

Children:    R49

Children under 3 years:    Free

Students and Pensioners:    R79

Family (2 adults, 2 children):    R225

Our fees are still the same as they were in 2018


We have a sanitising station at the front door and visitors are required to wear a mask or face shield.

To maintain social distancing from people you do not know is made really easy by the fact that there is lots of open space and various paths that lead to the exhibits.

Visitors could easily navigate along the quieter routes and still see everything there is to see. We are quieter than usual with our overseas visitors still not being able to visit.


Our restaurant has a great menu and take aways can be enjoyed in the tropical garden (with valid entry ticket).


Please note that we do not have any butterflies at the moment,

as we import them from The Philippines and international travel is banned due to COVID 19.


However, there is lots to see!

Hundreds of small animals, from fish to amphibians to reptiles to birds to mammals.

We also have a large collection of invertebrates.

Tropical fish, frogs and axolotls from various fresh water systems are very special and unique.

Our Creepy Crawly room has tarantulas, scorpions and other amazing creatures!

Lemurs, Marmosets, Meerkats and Owls.

Guinea Pigs, Degus and Chinchilla’s.

In the reptile bay we house non-venomous Snakes, Skinks, Basilisks, Bearded Dragons and others.

There are 4 large aviaries, some are walk through for visitors to meet the birds up close. These make for amazing photos!

Our Koi Fish, Terrapins and birds inside the tropical garden.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Our Lockdown Relief Campaign

The distressing effects of the COVID19 Lockdown has been felt by everyone, everywhere.  Here at Butterfly World Animal Sanctuary, our doors may be open, but our animals – all 700 of them – still need feeding, basic healthcare and habitat upkeep.

This is a heartfelt and desperate plea to the public to assist us in raising funds, to feed and care for all our rascals that are resident at the Sanctuary.

Butterfly World Animal Sanctuary in Klapmuts is a safe forever-home for many exotic or previously wild critters that were kept as pets and cannot be returned to their natural homes and habitats.

The Sanctuary is completely reliant on the income we receive from visitors’ entrance fees, which goes towards the animals’ welfare and all our running costs. This includes our staff. Klapmuts is one of the poorest communities in the Stellenbosch Municipality. Most of Butterfly World Animal Sanctuary’s staff are from this community and in most cases, the only breadwinner in their families right now.

We are still very thankful to the public for donations to help us during this very difficult time, you can donate to us on this Backabuddy Campaign here.

Butterfly World Animal Sanctuary Lockdown Relief

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