When we think of butterflies we think of freedom, gardens, beauty, colour, nectar and the miracle of metamorphosis. They are delicate and soft and weightless, almost like a whisper. If you want to keep those pretty thoughts in tact, then DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER….

For one, they do not only eat nectar. Butterflies need salts and minerals and for that they turn to….

Drinking salty fluids from the eyes and noses of other animals…
Yes, this is poop and those are butterflies and they are feasting!! They are also the only creatures on the planet that recycle their own urine..
This butterfly didn’t waste any time to get hold of some blood!
Rotten flesh for lunch anyone?

And then the shocking phenomenon of Pupal Mating…

Pupal when a male butterfly mates with the female while she is still in the pupa…mmmm…

OK, so there you have it. Light as a feather, soft as a breeze, colourful, pretty and evidently FULL of surprises!!!

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